International Women’s Day 2021

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone!

Here’s some awesome Women’s Day poetry I found online:

A Friend In Pain

When you see a friend in pain,

It makes your heart ache.

What’s worse is if you are in love with that friend.

Seeing them hurting

Feels devastating.

I want to be there for my friend.

She is an amazing person.

I don’t want to see her hurt or in pain.

I really care about her a lot.

She means the world to me.

It really hurts to see

Her be badly treated.

I want to break that cycle

Of pain and misery.

I want to be the light that casts away the darkness.

I want to be the one who’ll love her like no one else could.

I want to be her rock,

Her stone,

Her shield,

Her fortress,

Her armor,

Her sword,

Her lover,

Her friend.

I want to be there with her until the end.

I want to be the guy she grows old with,

And possibly have a family with.

When we’re apart,

It breaks my heart.

To know she’s hurting, and hurting alone,

It makes me wish I could be there for her in her time of need.

If you are reading this, pal,

I hope things get better for you.

I truly do.

You mean a lot to me,

And all I want more than anything

Is to see you happy.

Good luck with your endeavors!

I hope to hear from you soon!

A Dream

He had a dream,

And that dream had not been achieved.

Not fully, anyways.

The lives of people of color

Have been made marginally better,

Comparing his time to now,

But it’s not enough.

Racism and colorism and injustice still run rampant

Throughout institutions and society.

It’s a systemic issue that’s been around for a long time,

Long before any of us were born.

In order to change things for the better,

We need to change people’s minds.

We need to focus on empathy, compassion, and kindness,

And we can’t leave others behind.

Incrementalism has marginally helped marginalized groups,

But it’s not enough.

To have long lasting and impactful change, it needs to be systemic.

The systems and institutions and societies built on racism and prejudice

Need to be fundamentally changed from both the outside and from within.

It will be hard, but it’s not impossible.

Material and social conditions that result from societal structures and institutions

Can be fixed, because societal structures and institutions are social constructs.

They were made by people; groups of people.

Thus, we can change societies and institutions for the better.

How that would be done, I have no idea.

But what I do know is, change starts from the individual level.

You, who is reading this right now, can be impacted by this post,

At least to some degree.

Liking it, sharing it, commenting on it, engaging in discussion from it,

All of that can affect people to some degree.

The same is true for social media.

Whatever your platform is, you have the power to change minds

And affect people’s lives.

So when MLK said he had a dream,

We can achieve that dream.

We can make the world a better place.

It all starts with you.

Abstract Perception — Roth Poetry

Life a series of abstract images Some realistic some absurd Reality eludes the ideologist Illusions of truth plague the pragmatist Do we seek the photo image Or blurred lines of enhanced color Abstractions of truth stand alone In the minds of all who follow Distortions also stand alone In media and pulpit Abstraction better left […]

Abstract Perception — Roth Poetry

Readers’ wildlife photos — Why Evolution Is True

Please keep sending in your good wildlife photos, as I depend on the goodwill of readers to keep the feature going. Today we have a rarity: photos of amphibians, and they’re lovely. The photographer is evolutionary biologist Iñigo Martinez-Solano, who introduces himself at the beginning (his captions are indented). As always, click on the photos…

Readers’ wildlife photos — Why Evolution Is True

Farmscape Wonder Wander: 16 December 2020 — Progress of the Seasons Journal

By Nellie and Anna Today’s Wonder Wander is a little different—it is the first in a series of self-guided Wonder Wander walks installed in different habitats and public recreation areas in collaboration with the Columbia Land Conservancy. As such, you can see the photos and text in-person (in front of the wonders) if you visit […]

Farmscape Wonder Wander: 16 December 2020 — Progress of the Seasons Journal


Today’s the first snowfall

Of the winter.

Well, technically fall,

For the winter solstace

Isn’t until the 21st

Of December.

The snow,

It’s cold.

It’s white.

It’s crystals of ice

That fall to the ground

From the clouds above.

It’s water that’s frozen high in the sky

That falls down and covers the ground below.

Sometimes there’s not much.

Sometimes there’s a lot.

Depending on how much accumulates,

It may be possible to make a snowperson!

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