A Dream

He had a dream, And that dream had not been achieved. Not fully, anyways. The lives of people of color Have been made marginally better, Comparing his time to now, But it’s not enough. Racism and colorism and injustice still run rampant Throughout institutions and society. It’s a systemic issue that’s been around for aContinue reading “A Dream”

Abstract Perception — Roth Poetry

Life a series of abstract images Some realistic some absurd Reality eludes the ideologist Illusions of truth plague the pragmatist Do we seek the photo image Or blurred lines of enhanced color Abstractions of truth stand alone In the minds of all who follow Distortions also stand alone In media and pulpit Abstraction better left […]Continue reading “Abstract Perception — Roth Poetry”

Readers’ wildlife photos — Why Evolution Is True

Please keep sending in your good wildlife photos, as I depend on the goodwill of readers to keep the feature going. Today we have a rarity: photos of amphibians, and they’re lovely. The photographer is evolutionary biologist Iñigo Martinez-Solano, who introduces himself at the beginning (his captions are indented). As always, click on the photos… Readers’Continue reading “Readers’ wildlife photos — Why Evolution Is True”

Farmscape Wonder Wander: 16 December 2020 — Progress of the Seasons Journal

By Nellie and Anna Today’s Wonder Wander is a little different—it is the first in a series of self-guided Wonder Wander walks installed in different habitats and public recreation areas in collaboration with the Columbia Land Conservancy. As such, you can see the photos and text in-person (in front of the wonders) if you visit […]Continue reading “Farmscape Wonder Wander: 16 December 2020 — Progress of the Seasons Journal”


Today’s the first snowfall Of the winter. Well, technically fall, For the winter solstace Isn’t until the 21st Of December. The snow, It’s cold. It’s white. It’s crystals of ice That fall to the ground From the clouds above. It’s water that’s frozen high in the sky That falls down and covers the ground below.Continue reading “Snowfall”

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