Without a net — One Day | One Image

The last time I was here (almost exactly four years ago), there was a huge and scary storm building up right over the place. This time, it was hard to tell that it had ever rained even a few drops – in spite of the clouds that were once again building up. Wild Horse, Colorado […]Continue reading “Without a net — One Day | One Image”

Dreams and Nightmares — Sincerely, Jennifer x

Give me the time, and you’ll see, that I would be a dream, if you let me, but you rush me, and then I am a nightmare, nights of regretful reminiscing, raw regrets that never heal, because I won’t let them. I wouldn’t tell you about my hatred of horses, sagittariuses, Kylie, Natalie, the ones […]Continue reading “Dreams and Nightmares — Sincerely, Jennifer x”


“What is Light?” It’s a globe of energy that shines brightIsn’t that right?The air whispers – no child“It’s much more than sunlight,It’s a blessing which makes your soul ignite…!!” So, with an open heart,I start to write.. Light is the swirl of dreams and passionWe desire on a sleepy night;The struggle we endureFrom stepping stones […]Continue reading “Light?? — IMMORTAL WRITINGS”


There is no death.Once alive and etched your triumphant appointment is an individual manifesto within a group of brothers and sisters to possess and process the malleable willand magnet of Fate. Life is Labyrinth, abstract yet calculated, a mechanism deduced fromthe reconstruction of an ancient, tremendously powerful overture of psychic waves caused by the re-birth […]Continue reading “DEATH! — SOUL”

When It Hurts So Much You Can’t Even Turn It Into Words — Cristian Mihai

I only ever experienced real writer’s block once in my life. March 2014 was the worst month of my life. My grandfather died, my girlfriend broke up with me, my father decided to never speak with me again, and I had to struggle with quite a few serious health issues. Not the end of the […]Continue reading “When It Hurts So Much You Can’t Even Turn It Into Words — Cristian Mihai”

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