A Friend In Pain

When you see a friend in pain,

It makes your heart ache.

What’s worse is if you are in love with that friend.

Seeing them hurting

Feels devastating.

I want to be there for my friend.

She is an amazing person.

I don’t want to see her hurt or in pain.

I really care about her a lot.

She means the world to me.

It really hurts to see

Her be badly treated.

I want to break that cycle

Of pain and misery.

I want to be the light that casts away the darkness.

I want to be the one who’ll love her like no one else could.

I want to be her rock,

Her stone,

Her shield,

Her fortress,

Her armor,

Her sword,

Her lover,

Her friend.

I want to be there with her until the end.

I want to be the guy she grows old with,

And possibly have a family with.

When we’re apart,

It breaks my heart.

To know she’s hurting, and hurting alone,

It makes me wish I could be there for her in her time of need.

If you are reading this, pal,

I hope things get better for you.

I truly do.

You mean a lot to me,

And all I want more than anything

Is to see you happy.

Good luck with your endeavors!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Published by jaimedavid27

The name's Jaime David. I'm an aspiring author. Here's where I'll share my thoughts and bursts of creativity that I may have.

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