No More War

Enough with the endless fucking wars! No more war! No more bloodshed! No more innocent civilians dying because of a barrel of oil! No more of any of that shit! It’s time this shit comes to an end! People always say to “support the troops!” Well, you know how we support the troops? Don’t send them to fucking war! It’s that simple. If you really care about the troops, don’t send them to countless wars overseas! We’ve been in NUMEROUS wars the past two decades; maybe longer! And you know what the answer is as to why we have to STAY in these wars? It’s because we have to “get the bad guy.” We have to “protect the interests of the people.” Protect them from what? A disjointed, rogue band of rebels? A disjointed, rogue band of rebels, mind you, who feel even more emboldened by us continuing to stay in the Middle East? It’s 2020. We’ve been in Iraq and Afghanistan for almost two decades. We’ve been going on countless excursions in numerous different countries across the world. We’ve launched drone strikes and airstrikes, a lot of which missed the targets they were aiming for! Currently, as of writing this, there is a chance that the U.S. and Iran might go to war. President Trump said that he would be ready to send thousands of troops to Iran if he felt that he needed to. What a great way to start off the New Year (not really)! You know how people are always talking about New Year’s resolutions? Well, in the spirit of the New Year, I say that the US should have a New Year’s resolution, and that resolution should be to get the troops out of the Middle East, and for real, this time! No more games! No more bullshit! No more excuses! Just send the troops home! And if any groups retaliate, let them! As long as they don’t do anything within the United States, we shouldn’t worry about what goes on in the Middle East! The United States should be worried about the United States. We should be worried about the poor, the homeless, the sick, the failing infrastructure, the outrageous prices, the education system, the healthcare system, student debt, medical debt, the job market, etc. We need to be worried about OUR OWN CITIZENS; not what some ragtag groups in the Middle East are doing. It is 2020! It is a new decade! It is the New Year. It is time that America puts an end to these perpetual wars! It is time to bring the troops home!

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The name's Jaime David. I'm an aspiring author. Here's where I'll share my thoughts and bursts of creativity that I may have.

5 thoughts on “No More War

  1. Thanks, Jaime. I have 56 years of observation of the Middle East scene (including a year of immersion-study of the Arabic language and culture in 1964-5), so I can write with some gravitas: ISRAEL is our problem in the Middle East. If you want to address the problem of “endless fucking wars,” you simply must go there, i.e., Israel (including, of course, its overwhelmingly powerful US lobbies starting with AIPAC and the evil Sheldon Adelson [Trump’s personal “lobbyist”]; Jewish Zionism; ‘Christian’ Zionism,’ the US MIC; and a whole host of other contextual and on-the-ground realities…I don’t think I need to write more than “the Palestinians” as the ultimate reality).

    Cui bono, Jaime, from the US’ murder of Irani General Soleimani? Memo: only one country in the world has outright praised Trump for the assassination.


    1. Thanks. Glad you liked my blog. I’ve actually been blogging for a few months, now. It actually hasn’t been that easy. It took me a while to figure out the layout of WordPress. I still am trying to figure it out, to some degree! I recently started a second blog.


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